Commercial Insurance

We've Done It For Others....We Can Do It For You

We were granted an opportunity to provide a second opinion for a service firm with a large auto fleet. Because of the frequency and size of their losses, insurance companies were hesitant to provide coverage. We suggested to the company's chief financial officer that a loss control program could produce significant savings. He requested us to implement such a program, and we each enjoyed watching claims fall dramatically. Twelve months later we were awarded the company's total insurance business.

On many occasions, we have worked with firms having a poor workers compensation claims history. These firms generally have found themselves in assigned risk plans carrying heavy surcharges. Our ability to learn and understand their business and our suggestions for utilizing loss control programs have allowed us to place these firms in lower risk categories, thereby eliminating unnecessary and expensive surcharges.

An excellent client example is a retailer of high value products with multi-state locations including Florida. Only a handful of insurance companies were willing to look at their property coverage due to theft and hurricane exposure. We analyzed their losses and determined that higher deductible and an annual aggregate stop loss would be a positive solution. This approach enticed other insurers to quote and we were able to reduce the clients ultimate cost.

A manufacturer had a problem finding insurance companies willing to provide coverage for products they manufacture. They called on Fitzgibbons Arnold for help. We analyzed their products and determined there was a problem of perception and not one of reality. We were convinced their product was safe and we had to prove it. Most agents take the information available from the manufacturer, send it to the marketplace and wait for a quote. We took it to the next level. We researched 100 years of legal history involving this type of product and found the one case needed to solidify our position. We used this information and secured an outstanding insurance program for the manufacturer. Providing Insurance/Risk Management Services for All Types of Business and Commercial Enterprises


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