Protecting College Student’s Property with Renter’s Insurance

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Tips for protecting all your assets from your local homeowners and renter’s insurance agent: Renter’s Insurance for Your College Student While you already have enough to worry about when your child leaves for college, you don’t want the specter of them dealing with the theft or damage of their possessions while there. For about $150 a year, you can protect your child’s possessions against theft or damage caused by fire, lightning, smoke, vandalism, electrical surges, windstorms or hail, water damage from utilities or appliances, and more. The same insurance also provides liability protection for students living off-campus. Considering that a Read More …

Road Fatalities Increase Since 2014. Driving While Texting to Blame.

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Tips for driving safe from your local auto insurance agent: Driving While Texting Contributes to Increased Vehicle Fatalities For decades road fatalities were on a steady decline thanks in large part to new technologies that have made our cars safer, like anti-lock brakes, airbags, early warning systems and better construction.  Then the smartphone entered the scene and the social media addiction exploded, adding a driving distraction that some people find too hard to ignore. Rise in Vehicle Accident Fatalities Since 2014 The result: A steady rise in vehicle accident fatalities that started spiking in 2014 and has kept on going. Read More …

Proof-of-Loss Document Critical to Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim

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If you ever have to file a homeowner’s insurance claim, you’ll likely be asked to fill out a sworn proof-of-loss document — and it’s vital that you do this. Sworn Proof-of-Loss Document to Support Insurance Claim Two court decisions illustrate the importance of filing a sworn proof-of-loss document with your insurer to support a homeowners’ claim. In one case, James Durall, Jr. vs. Home-owners Insurance Company, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that a homeowner who had suffered a total fire loss was not entitled to coverage because he had failed to submit a sworn statement of proof of loss within Read More …

How to Drive Safely in the Rain

Rain Driving Tips

As autumn hits its stride in Ohio, it is bringing showers and that means the roads become slick and dangerous, particularly if there is flooding accompanying the rain.  When it rains, the number of auto accidents increases, even when rainfall is light. Any time the roadways are wet, there’s a higher risk of being involved in an injury-causing accident. And avoiding accidents can not only keep you safe, but can lower your auto insurance rates. There are a number of risks that you need to be prepared for: Wet roads — When the roadway is wet, your wheels have less traction and Read More …

Insurance Broker Delivers More Options at No Cost

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Fitzgibbons Arnold & Co. truly care about their clients. Zach Arnold is extremely knowledgeable and would be happy to review your current insurance policies to see if your insurance needs are being met. They are an insurance broker so they can reach out to multiple carriers which gives you more options to choose from. Awesome local small business and family operated. Doesn’t cost you anything to have your insurance policies reviewed.

Why You Should Review Your Designated Beneficiaries Annually

Life Insurance Beneficiaries

When you apply for life insurance, or open a retirement account, you’ll be asked to name beneficiaries. This is an important step in financial planning.  Failure to name beneficiaries can be a costly mistake, and one that can cause your loved ones a great deal of hardship after you’re gone. What’s a named beneficiary? A named beneficiary is the party who gets the life insurance death benefit, and/or the proceeds from an annuity or other financial account when you pass away. Generally, these should be individuals that you identify by name. Why are beneficiaries important? It’s crucial to list your beneficiaries Read More …

Short Term Health Plans Skimp on Medical Payments

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A new report by the trade publication Modern Healthcare shows just how little short-term care plans spend on enrollees’ medical claims. The report found that some plans spent as little as 9 cents of every premium dollar they collected on medical care. The average paid out among the short-term plans analyzed in a report by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners was 39.2%. That’s a far cry from the 80% of premiums health plans are required to spend on medical care to comply with the Affordable Care Act. The figures shine a harsh light on just how little short-term health plan policyholders Read More …

Having a Baby? Why It’s Time to Review Insurance.

Baby Insurance

Health Insurance  Before your baby is even born, review your coverage and make sure you understand how your plan covers your new family member, as well as the mother’s needs during pregnancy. Think about prenatal vitamins, prenatal screenings and neo-natal tests, delivery of your baby, and pediatric care for your newborn. Notify your insurance carrier. Generally, health insurance carriers ask that a newborn be added to a policy within 30 days of birth. The birth of a baby is considered a life event, and you are allowed to enroll the baby at birth instead of waiting for open enrollment to Read More …